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A three-level service system covering the whole country

We have a professional service team and implement the "24-hour one-stop" service model to provide high-quality pre-sale and after-sales services to users in a timely manner.


SINCE 2001

Founded in 2001, Guangdong Netion Power Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the fields of power supply, power electronics, network energy, and new energy power conversion. The main business is to provide key facilities for global users with all-weather power supply assurance and integrated solutions for network data infrastructure systems. The products cover a full range of computer room power products (UPS uninterruptible power supply, precision intelligent power distribution cabinet, rack mounted PDU, STS, battery, lithium battery pack, etc.), precision air conditioning, modular data room As well as power supply products with specialized solutions for various industries and various new energy power conversion supporting equipment.

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According to the content of your message, our company's professionals will call you back to answer your various questions. You can also call 8008305182 for consultation or write an email to business@netion.com.cn.
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